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Sugar free Pink Panther

Sugar free Pink Panther

Delivered in bags of 100 grams

Taste of amonium chloride, licorice and raspberries. They are delivered in bags of 100 grams

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These candies have as something new the medical herb Stevia added, which is another natural sweetener, which improves the flavor of the candies to the point where they almost taste like our regular candies.  

You can now eat sugar free candies and stay healthy at the same time. Sømods Candies have, after many years testing, now found a way to manufacture sugar free candies there, besides tasting good, also have a beneficial effect on the body.


The secret is the natural fiber product called Actilight as the basic substance.

This means that eating our sugar free candies have following qualities:

1)   It protects the intestates because of the barrier effect

2)   It stimulates the immune system

3)   Acts like the syntheses for certain vitamins

4)   Helps to a balanced metabolism of lipids, cholesterol and carbs

5)   Helps to a balanced bowel function

6)   Helps the absorption of minerals, for example do fructoligosakkarider increase the absorption of magnesium


Furthermore does these candies only contain half the calories of sugar (2 kcal/gram), under 2% fat and a minimum of 8% fiber.






E-120 (red), E-153 (black), liquorice, natural flavour extracts, salmiak, tartaric acid

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