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In this category we have assembled all of the hard-boiled sweets that we produce, which do not contain any colouring. The different shades of colour come from either the added flavour, the hurling of air into the sugar mass or the combination of the different types of sugar that we use. The main part is always coarse sugar / granulated sugar, but we also work with dark brown sugar to give the sugar a different tone of taste.

Handmade in Copenhagen

We have retained the old manufacturing method, so the candies are still produced as for over 125 years ago. Watch our video to get an insight in the manufacturing method, or visit our factory in Copenhagen.




You can even enjoy are most popular hard-boiled sweets with liquorice – Dameskrå or Cough candies – in a colouring-free edition. Liquorice is a root, which is naturally brown, which is why our colouring-free liquorice is brown. It is in the processing of liquorice root to liquorice essence that it turns black, which has become the standard for all types of liquorice.

The other kind is vanilla. Our hard-boiled sweets with vanilla are a mix of red, colourless and golden ones. If you want hard-boiled sweets with vanilla and do not tolerate E-120 (according to Danish law all colourants, even natural ones, must have an E-number), you can order them on our website and white in the comment section that you are allergic to the red colour. Our staff will sort out the red ones, making sure you only receive colourless sweets.

All our regular hard-boiled sweets are guaranteed to be gluten free, contrary to all other hard-boiled sweets manufacturers’ products.

The only type of allergy that we not guarantee you is not in our products, is allergy to almonds or walnuts. Some people react to these by just being in the room as them. We use them in two of our hard-boiled sweets – grenades and tucks.

Despite of all our cleaning precautions and the fact that we only rarely produce these two types of hard-boiled candies, we cannot guarantee that none of the other candies have been exposed to particles from the chopped nuts.

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