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Taste of Malt. Can be tolerated by people with colour allergy

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Gluten free
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What does Malt candies taste like?

If you are seeking one of the oldest, most classic hard-boiled sweet, then this is the sweet for you to taste.

The taste is sweet and at the same time aromatic and caramel-like, and the malt furthermore adds a bit of a spicy flavour.


Gluten free

Gluten free





No colour

No colour

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Malt is primarily used when brewing beer and whisky and is a term for corn that has briefly been set to sprout but stopped by drying before the plant can really grow, which usually happens after five days. Danish barley is suitable for malt and is exported in noticeable quantities. Other than barley, rye and wheat are also used, just not as often. Malt is also often used in whisky and some types of bread such as schwartzbrot and in hard-boiled sweets.

In the first part of the malting, the casting, the dry corn is soaked in water to start the sprouting. After two to three days, the water content is about 40-50 % and the corn is moved to so-called germinating boxes, where the sprouting begins. Hereby the enzymes necessary for the corn to change its starch (which is long chains of glucose) to maltose, which the brewer’s yeast later is to live from, are made.

The corn must be turned frequently to make sure that the little sprouts that quickly show will not strike root within one another.

After about five days the corn is dried, which stops the sprouting.

Lastly, the roots of the dry sprouts are removed and the malt is ready for brewing. Malt is the basic raw material for brewing beer and the production of malt demands great expertise. That is why the production of malt is usually separated from the industrial production of beer, in which malting makes up its own industry technological discipline.

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Handmade in Copenhagen

We have retained the old manufacturing method, so the candies are still produced as for over 125 years ago. Watch our video to get an insight in the manufacturing method, or visit our factory in Copenhagen.


How do we make our Malt candies?


Our hard-boiled sweets with malt are made from our basic mass, which is 20 kilo grams of coarse sugar that is boiled almost to 180 degrees Celsius. After this malt is whipped into the boiling hot sugar mass, after which it is poured onto the production table. This basic mass is, like all of our ingredients, 100 % natural. No type of colour is added.

The liquid mass is folded repeatedly until firmer. In this face, the sugar cools down from 180 degrees to about 110 degrees Celsius.

A little lump of the sugar mass is cut off to be used for stripes later.

Hard-boiled sweets with malt are rolled to their final form. This rolling device is one the original machines of the factory, and it is more than 125 years old. The only modification to the machine is a motor that is attached to it as a replacement to the winding handle that ran the machine for 100 years. The sets of rollers that are used are one of the most iconic on the factory. It dates back to about 1950 and has the initials MS written on it as a reminder of three last generations of Søemod’s – Martin, Michael and Mike Søemod.


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Handmade in Copenhagen

Our candies are produced by hand as in the old days, after the same recipe.

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