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Pick and mix bag - 250 grams

Pick and mix bag - 250 grams

Pick and mix in a bag - 250 grams

You can choose 5 * 50 grams of all tastes shown in the grid below. To select any taste, please click the image and it will automatically be added to your mixed jar. You can choose to either see all available tastes or be more specific, please use the tabs Fruit, Filled, Licorice, Sour or Sweet hard boiled sweets.
If you wish to add more than 100 gram of your favorite taste, then please just double-click the image. The variant will be added twice and shown in the jar overview below the selection area.
If you wish to change or remove a selected taste, simply click the X next to the taste in the jar overview below.

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    1. You must choose what candies you want to mix

    You can easily select a candy by clicking on it. Then it will be added to your box at the bottom of the page. If you want to select the same candy twice, simply click on it twice. After this, a 2 number over the candy will indicate that you have selected two candies.

    • Lemon


    • Dameskrå with salty licorice

      Dameskrå with salty licorice

    • Doll candies

      Doll candies

    • Go nat-bolcher

      Go nat-bolcher

    • Grenades


    • Raspberry


    • Dutchman


    • Salty Licorice

      Salty Licorice

    • Ginger


    • Strawberry


    • Coffee


    • King of Denmark

      King of Denmark

    • Malt


    • Martins filled candy with rom

      Martins filled candy with rom

    • Pink Panter

      Pink Panter

    • Pear


    • Rhubarb


    • Sort speciel

      Sort speciel

    • Gooseberry


    • Suchre d’ore

      Suchre d’ore

    • Sultanrocks


    • Sailor


    • Vanilla


    • Rocks


    • Giant Suchre D'ore

      Giant Suchre D'ore

    • Sour Cherries

      Sour Cherries

    • Buckthorn


    • Mor (Mom)

      Mor (Mom)

    • Far (Dad)

      Far (Dad)

    • Winter Mix

      Winter Mix

    • Mango-passionfruit candies

      Mango-passionfruit candies

    • Crown Candies

      Crown Candies

    • Bryllup (wedding candies)

      Bryllup (wedding candies)

    • Dåb (girl batism)

      Dåb (girl batism)

    • Dåb (boy batism)

      Dåb (boy batism)

    • Salty caramel

      Salty caramel

    • Love candies

      Love candies

    • Allergy candies

      Allergy candies

    • Afrobanana


    • Banana


    • Bismarck (peppermint) candies

      Bismarck (peppermint) candies

    • Coco candies

      Coco candies

    • Chokolate filled candies with peppermint

      Chokolate filled candies with peppermint

    • Michaels filled candy with whiskey

      Michaels filled candy with whiskey

    • Flag - Apple

      Flag - Apple

    2. You have chosen

    Below you can see the candies you have chosen. If you want to replace one or more candies, you can simply click on the small X next to each candy.




    E-100 (yellow), E-120 (red), E-141 (green), E-153 (black), sea buckthorn, honey, cacao, liquorice, almonds, marzipan, natural flavour extracts, nougat, salmiak, sugar, walnuts, vanilla, tartaric acid