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Delivered in a bag with 250 or 500 grams

These candies are an extra salty liquorice and say Dad in Danish. (FAR)

Read more about Dad.


At Sømods Bolcher we divide our liquorice candies into 3 categories: Strong liquorice, sweet liquorice and sour liquorice. Below the strong liquorice there are 2 further subcategories: Menthol-strong and salmiac-strong.

Dad candies falls under the salmiak strong category. This candy is the traditional salmiak liquorice, with just the right amount of salt for the very sweet licorice root.

These candies are with extra salty liquorice just the way danish dads wants it.
If necessary, mix it with Flag candies to really get the message across. You can find this option here.




sugar, liquorice, salmiak, natural flavour extracts, Can contain traces of almonds, E-120 (red), E-153 (black)

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