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In this category, you will find a selection of all of Sømod’s favourites in a jar. There is a great selection of all the different nuances in taste of the selection which makes this mix ideal if you are new to the assortment, want to give the jar away as a gift or just love a diverse selection.

Sømod's Favourites


In these jars, you will find both sour and sweet fruity hard-boiled sweets and a variety of our traditional sweet hard-boiled sweets such as cacao, Dutchmen candies and vanilla to mention a few. Each jar is mixed by our competent staff from recipe to make sure that all the bags are alike.

Our liquorice mixture is quite self-explanatory. It is a mix of all our liquorice hard-boiled sweets which are both sweet, sour, salty and strong liquorice sweets. This mix is made by our sweet boilers who mix all the different variants on the production table. This makes a mountain of hard-boiled sweets of about 200 kilo grams – quite a sight for any sweet-tooth. The hard-boiled sweets are shovelled into buckets that are then weighed and put into jars.

Our staff always makes sure that each jar is uniformly mixed with the different types, but small variations can occur. When you order you are always welcome to write a comment if there is a certain type of hard-boiled sweets which you prefer.

The last one of our pre-mixed jars is a fruit mix. This mix is made with tourist in mind, though many Danes also love the taste of the different summer fruits.

This mix is mixed from recipe just like our ordinary mix, to make sure that all of the bags contain the broad selection of delicious fruit candies. As the name implies, this jar contains no hard-boiled sweets with liquorice or anything from our selection of sweet hard-boiled sweets.

Our pre-mixed jars are ideal if you want to give a tasteful gift or just want to bring home a tasty treat. It will still be elegant and if you can keep your hands op them, the hard-boiled sweets can last for quite some time without getting sticky.


Handmade in Copenhagen

We have retained the old manufacturing method, so the candies are still produced as for over 125 years ago. Watch our video to get an insight in the manufacturing method, or visit our factory in Copenhagen.

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