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Here you will find all our pre-mixed options of bags, jars and tins. They're all mixed in with all the top favourites, which Sømod has selected. We have updated our bags, so they are now a more elegant and airtight bag, which prolongs the shelf life significantly.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Afrobanana lollipops
  2. Bismarck lollipops
  3. Danish licorice kit
  4. Dutchmen lollipops
  5. Fabric bag
    Fabric bag
  6. Jar no. 2
    Jar no. 2
  7. Jar no. 5
    Jar no. 5
  8. Jar no. 6
    Jar no. 6
  9. Lemon lollipops
  10. Liquorice lollipops
  11. Pineapple lollipops
  12. Premixed bag 250 grams
  13. Premixed bag 500 grams
  14. Strawberry lollipops
Set Descending Direction