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Here you will find all our pre-mixed options of bags, jars and tins. They're all mixed in with all the top favourites, which Sømod has selected. We have updated our bags, so they are now a more elegant and airtight bag, which prolongs the shelf life significantly.

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  1. This year's Mother's Day gift Nyhed
  2. Esromgaard Jar
  3. Colourful giftbox
  4. Jar no. 2
    Jar no. 2
  5. Dutchmen lollipops
  6. Lemon lollipops
  7. Strawberry lollipops
  8. Liquorice lollipops
  9. Liquoricebananas lollipops
  10. Pineapple lollipops
  11. Jar no. 6
    Jar no. 6
  12. Jar no. 5
    Jar no. 5
  13. Premixed bag 500 grams
  14. Premixed bag 250 grams
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