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Bismarck candies

Delivered in a bag with 250 or 500 grams

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Taste of peppermint.

Delivered in a bag with 250 or 500 grams.

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E-120 (red), natural flavour extracts, sugar

Gluten free

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Gluten free

Gluten free



Sømod's Bolcher - the family

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Handmade in Copenhagen

We have retained the old manufacturing method, so the candies are still produced as for over 125 years ago. Watch our video to get an insight in the manufacturing method, or visit our factory in Copenhagen.


Huge selection

Explore our huge selection of boiled sweets. We have something for everyone.

Handmade in Copenhagen

Our candies are produced by hand as in the old days, after the same recipe.

Worldwide shipping available

We provide worldwide shipping, and we strive to offer the best delivery services.