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Hard Boiled Sweets

In this category, you will find our seasonal hard boiled sweets, assortment bags, ready-mixed hard boiled sweets, jars and tins – and of course you can also mix your very own favorites in a bag or tin. In the menu, you will find the subcategories which will provide you a general view of the possibilities for the packaging of the different hard boiled sweets.

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  1. Afrobanana lollipops
  2. Bismarck lollipops
  3. Danish licorice kit
  4. Dutchmen lollipops
  5. Fabric bag
    Fabric bag
  6. Jar no. 2
    Jar no. 2
  7. Jar no. 5
    Jar no. 5
  8. Jar no. 6
    Jar no. 6
  9. Jar no. 8
    Jar no. 8
  10. Lemon lollipops
  11. Liquorice lollipops
  12. Pineapple lollipops
  13. Premixed bag 250 grams
  14. Premixed bag 500 grams
  15. Strawberry lollipops
Set Descending Direction