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Frequently asked questions

How are the sweet pieces of candy spelled correctly in Danish?
Sømod Bolcher is spelled with ch as it binds together with our proud tradition and history. Indeed, the name is from 1920, where the widely used spelling of the candy was "bolche".

The correct spelling of today is, however, "bolsje / bolsjer". In 2001, the spelling line with ch was removed from the Danish legal writing dictionary.

As a funny little information, it may be mentioned that the word bolsje came to Danish either from the Lower German word "bolt", which means "little ball". Others think it came to Denmark with Zar Peter The Great in 1716, where he on a trip through Copenhagen had a piece of candy, and in response he should have expressed более, Bolsje, which in Russian means "More".

Bolcher with logo for company event or presents

Do you or your company need to arrange a special event and lack the last thing to put in your message or brand? Want to be associated with the best quality and sustainability? Then candies with logo from Sømods Bolcher are just what you need!

Bolcher for special occasions

Bolcher with logo is a great detail for the event, which shows careful planning to the smallest detail - something your employees, business associates and customers remember.

Therefore, this type of candy has also become a popular choice for receptions, fairs or other corporate presentations. It is an obvious opportunity to spoil your customers or employees while telling a story about extra thorough preparation and organization of the entire event.

Bolcher with logo is a great way to get maximum returns for your advertising chronicles and will be designed according to your taste. We have a large selection of classic flavours that count everything from the salt to the sweet - or combinations thereof.

Send us an email with your logo or message, and we will present your options for special design - just for you.

One of the most famous candies in Denmark is probably the King of Denmark. The red candy with the characteristic taste. The candy is named after King Christian the 5th (King of Denmark from 1670-1699), who received the candy as a medicine against a stomach ache.

What does the king taste of Denmark?

The king of Denmark-bolcher tastes of star anise. In the 17th century anise oil was a popular medicine for stomach aches.

The History of the King of Denmark

The story of the development of the candy is that King Christian d. 5. called his physician to be cured for a stomach ache. The time's medicine against stomach aches was anise oil, which has a very strong taste. The king therefore refused to ingest the oil, and the physician had to think creatively to entice the king to take the medicine.

He had heard of a pharmacy practicing mixing medicine into sugar to make it edible, and the physician therefore made a hot sugar mass in which he mixed the anisole and red-bed juice.

The fine red candies that came out of this experiment worked for the king and since then the candies have been a hit.

Sømod's sugar-free candies are made from natural ingredients, and the taste is absolutely top-notch among sugar-free sweets. Read more about our fabulous sugar-free candies here - and of course you can buy them online at our shop or by visiting us in Nørregade.

Is sugar-free candies fattening?

Our sugar sugar-free candies are candy that you can eat with a good conscience. The content of calories is less than half as our normal sugar candies.

How does Sømods Bolcher make sugar-free candies?

Sømod's sugar-free candies are made according to our standards with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners added. After several years of research, we have discovered how we can make amazingly tasty sugar-free candies with 100% natural ingredients.

Good intestinal flora and nice blood sugar.

Our sugar-free candies stimulate the intestinal flora and can help lower blood sugar, while having a tasty flavour!

The basic substance in our sugar-free candies is Actilight, which is a natural fiber product made from beets. Actilight provides more healthy and beneficial effects, including a more balanced intestinal function. The content of dietary fiber in our candies is therefore at full 8%.

In addition, we have integrated the world's sweetest plant, Stevia rebaudiana, into all our sugar-free candies. Stevia is a natural sweetener that can help lower blood sugar.

Therefore are our sugar-free candies a safe and good choice when choosing sugar-free sweets.

All production takes place in Nørregade nr. 36.

We are working for open doors. Therefore, everyone is welcome to see our production and entrance is always free. You are welcome to ask questions about the candy makers and they will respond to the best of their ability - but remember that their concentration must always be on the hot candy clump.

You may like to take pictures along the way, but we ask people NOT to take videos of the actual production.

You can experience production on the following weekdays:

Monday to Friday at 10:15, 12:00, 13:30 and 15:00.

Changes may occur - see them on our Facebook page or call and ask about the days production.

Groups and institutions SHALL reserve time on the phone +45 33 12 60 46.