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Dutchman candies

Dutchman candies

Delivered in a bag with 250 or 500 grams

A sweet taste of caramel.

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If you are looking for one of the oldest and most classic candies, this is the candy you must try.

The taste is sweet, and at the same time aromatically caramelly.

This candy has its origins in the Netherlands, also called Dutch chuncks, and has been in our range right from the start.




sugar, chocolate, marzipan, vanilla, cacao, brown sugar, tartaric acid, natural flavour extracts, Can contain traces of almonds, E-100 (yellow), E-120 (red), E-141 (green)

How are Dutchman candies made?

Our Dutchman candies are made from granulated sugar and brown sugar that has been cooked to almost 180 degrees Celsius. This base mass, like all our ingredients, is 100% natural. This liquid brown sugar mass is poured onto our production table.

The liquid sugar mass is repeatedly folded so that it becomes a more solid mass. In this phase, the sugar cools from 180 degrees, down to around 110 degrees.

A small lump of the sugar mass is cut off into strips later.

Dutch candies are thrown, as we want a golden brown color and a crisper texture.

By tossing the sugar mass, air is thrown into the sugar, whereby the mass becomes lighter and more distinctive in color and the taste becomes milder and rounder. The small lump the drip cookers previously removed is not thrown away and remains dark brown.

It is drawn out into thick bars, which are placed on the large mass of sugar for decorative dark stripes.

The total 20 kg Dutchman candy is then pulled out into bars, which are placed in a hand-operated cutting machine. This clipper is not the original but a copy. We still have the original in storage, and despite the fact that it is a copy we use in everyday life, it still has the ripe age of almost 80 years.

This hand-operated cutting machine has a series of blades at the bottom, top, and offset on both sides and by turning a wheel, the blades are moved together, thereby cutting the poles both horizontally and vertically. The result is nice triangular candies.


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