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Dameskrå with liquorice

Dameskrå with liquorice

Delivered in a bag with 250 or 500 grams

Taste of salmiak with liquorice 

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At Sømods Bolcher, we divide our liquorice candies into 3 categories: Strong liquorice, sweet liquorice and sour liquorice. Below the strong liquorice there are 2 further sub-categories: Menthol-strong and Salmiak-strong.

Dameskrå falls under the salmiak strong category. This candy is the traditional salmiak liquorice, with just the right amount of salmiak salt for the very sweet licorice root. Dameskrå is one of the oldest liquorice candies we have produced and together with the flavor partner Hoste candies, the duo make up our best-selling candies. The name Dameskrå comes from the old times when it was normal for men to run around and chew slop. It was not elegant for a lady to chew and spit obliquely, so instead they were given a large licorice candy to suck on.






sugar, liquorice, salmiak, Can contain traces of almonds, E-153 (black)

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