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Coffee/marzipan Candies

Coffee/marzipan Candies

Delivered in a bag with 250 og 500 grams.

Marzipan filled coffee candies.

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For coffee and marzipan lovers!

Our coffee/marzipan candies started as our coffee candies, and now just in a marzipan-filled version. The coffee used is not bitter, but has a more rounded and restrained taste. Since it is not coffee essence, but the real coffee that is put in the candies, it gives completely natural coffee taste and a real coffee performance. We have made sure to balance our flavors in order to provide the best possible taste experience in our sinfully good coffee/marzipan candies.




sugar, marzipan, coffee, almonds, brown sugar, natural flavour extracts, Can contain traces of almonds, E-100 (yellow), E-120 (red), E-133 (blue)

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