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Bismarck candies

Bismarck candies

Delivered in a bag with 250 or 500 grams

Taste of peppermint.

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Our bismack candies taste like peppermint. Our all-natural and powerful peppermint oil gives candies a strong fresh peppermint flavor you won't experience anywhere else.

This candy did not get it's name from General Bismarck, but from the upper class in Denmark over 100 years ago, when peppermint oil came to Denmark. In these circles it was classy to embellish one's language with German glossary, and when a candymaker had spilled some of the peppermint oil on the production table, causing the candy he was making to taste of peppermint, and after tasting the candy one for the upper class burst out saying : "Es harbe ein bismach”. - It has an aftertaste or as we say in Denmark "Det har en bismag. "




sugar, natural flavour extracts, Can contain traces of almonds, E-120 (red)

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